Learn How To Invest in ICO's

Okay you've heard about Bitcoin

and maybe even Ethereum or Ripple. but the real money is to be made in the new coins which are almost given away at the Initial Coin Offering stage. There is now around 1500 such coins growing at about 50 per week. Coins such as Verge which if you had put $67 into it in January 2017 would have made you a millionaire by january 2018.

So you want to get involved but don't know where to start

So as not to bore you too much it's simple you have the cash and the desire I have the ability and the Time  between us we can create an ICO portfolio of potential Verge Coins.

Getting profits out of the Crypto World Tax Free

Loancoin is an ICO which allows borrowing against crypto assets. Loans are usually not taxable. So I can see the potential of this coin as being in high demand over the next few years as people try to cash out there wealth without incurring IRS or HMRC attention. 

You can still buy into loancoin for pennies, my opinion is if the mainstream get wind of this it could be the next Verge Coin!

The Crypto World is New and Exciting

But it is full of pitfalls and it is so new only the informed or foolhardy go into it.

I study up to 20 ICO's per week and choose what I understand and believe has value. Hopefully my strategy will prove its worth over the next two years.

Whereby I end up with 80% winners and a few Verge Coins.

In 2008 I got into PPI & turned over £8 Million in 3 years.

I seem to be attracted to fresh innovative businesses that make money. I see Crypos as being worse than the Wild West at its peak but it is a new world where fortunes will be made in the next few years.

As the metaphor says "you have to be in it to win it".

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I have over 30 years experience in financial services, property, investments and business. I love helping people understand they have options and  alternatives to working hard for a living. 

Jeff Harris