Do not buy a business buy a passive income instead

Being your own boss is hard, risky and can be bad for your health.

Most Businesses involve long hours, huge effort, a large outlay, enormous stress and anxiety. Just think about, taxes, staff, overheads, customers, complaints, regulation, compliance family pressures, lack of time and physical exhaustion.

At the end of the day the whole thing is  a gamble as to whether or not you will actually make any money in the first few years. Or will you health give out before you actually achieve anything.

Why would anyone want to risk everything they've ever worked for and sacrifice their most valuable asset (TIME) to achieve mediocrity or failure.

And the truth is your terrified of the decision but you feel you have little choice. You know time is ticking away and life is passing you by, so, you believe doing something is better than doing nothing.

The number one reason for people starting a business is to make enough money to retire on happily. So they take the risk with there life savings, or they borrow against there home, or they choose to work 90 hours a week for no financial gain because its for themselves.

If this is the reason why your considering buying a business then it makes so much more sense just to buy the passive income stream instead.

Was I Mad? In hindsight I think I must have been as I have personally started numerous businesses and technica

Passive Income is a simpler, easier and less Time consuming choice.

Contact myself for a free review on either buying or learning how to create a passive income of 1% to 10% per month.  

The method is simple to learn and once understood it takes just 15 minutes per month to monitor. Or you can take the easier option and simply buy a passive income over 12, 24 or 36 months.

No staff, no stress, no ove

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I have over 30 years experience in financial services, property, investments and business. I love helping people understand they have options and  alternatives to working hard for a living. Financial Freedom is what you desire, I can provide you with the plan to get there.

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